"In order to enhance their success, individuals and corporations have a very real need to have
a greater understanding of the political, economic, social and cultural context in which they operate abroad."

Edward P. Djerejian

Ambassador Djerejian has co-authored these articles and publications.
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"From Conflict Management to Conflict Resolution"

Guiding Principles for Post Conflict Iraq

Changing Minds, Winning Peace





About Djerejian Global Consultancies, LLP

Djerejian Global Consultancies, LLP (DGC) is distinguished by its unparalleled experience in international politics and business.

We bring clients:

  • In depth knowledge of the political and economic landscape;
  • Demonstrated ability in negotiating strategies and conflict resolution;
  • Expertise in foreign policy, geopolitics of energy and corporate governance.
  • Private briefings and speeches by Ambassador Djerejian.

We help clients:

  • Ensure success in negotiations and transactions across national and cultural borders;
  • Establish and consolidate market presence around the world;
  • Obtain access to decision makers and organizations in the public and private sectors;
  • Enhance existing business partnerships and facilitate new alliances;
  • Translate policies and business plans into action.


Djerejian Global Consultancies, LLP services are available worldwide.











The Economist Interview

An interview with Edward P. Djerejian on World Policy Conference TV (Dec 2011)

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Ambassador Djerejian has authored a new book Danger and Opportunity-An American Ambassador's Journey Through the Middle East, Simon & Schuster (September, 2008).