Projects planned

  • Construction of houses- Complete houses with amenities to live secure hygienic lives for the homeless and people who live in poor living conditions.
  • Health sector- Contributing to hospitals and health service networks with:
  1.  Construction of hospitals
  2.  Providing Land and air ambulances
  3.  State of art medical equipment and tools needed
  4.  Carrying out health camps to address growing health issues in the Affected areas
  • Safe drinking water – Provide urgently needed safe drinking water to many communities with the construction of   Tube   Wells   and   Water   Purification Systems would be portable as well in large scale
  • Education :
  1.  Construction of schools
  2.  Providing computer labs and Information Technology Centers for the schools
  3.  Providing scientific lab and lab equipment
  4.  Construction school libraries and empowering libraries with more reading material  and equipment
  5.  Helping children to get back to school provides essential school material and function as the development partner of AUGP global.
  • Counseling & Rehabilitation :
  1. Construction of a Rehabilitation and Convention center
  2. Providing  severely  affected  people  with  emotional  support  and counseling
  3. Camp Centers
  • Disaster relief – Provide urgent disaster relief supplies to disaster-affected families with food and dry supplies in times of need.
  • Construction of roads – Building access roads connecting rural communities to urban towns and cities
  • Electricity – Providing electricity to rural villages
  • Fisheries and Farming – Providing funds for fisheries and the agriculture industry

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